• Bookshelf Bookshelf
  • GOLD C-CAM Tweeter GOLD C-CAM Tweeter
  • C-CAM drivers C-CAM drivers
  • Odcisk stopy 185mm x 285mm
  • 2 1/2-way 2 1/2-way
  • Rozmiar przetwornika 6 1/2in


BX2 technologia
  • C-CAM® tweeter with bandwidth beyond 30kHz
  • 6 1/2" C-CAM® bass and mid-range drivers refined by FEA analysis.
  • Single bolt-through drivers.  A design feature which means the driver is not fixed to the front baffle and cannot transmit vibrations and therefore colouration to the cabinet.
  • Improved cabinet rigidity and stability.
  • HiVe®II port technology to speed the transit of air from the cabinet, resulting in more dynamic bass.
  • High-quality terminal panels blend easy access with high-end functionality.
  • Choice of four high quality vinyl wood finishes.




Pasmo przenoszenia +/- 3dB

42Hz - 30kHz


90 dB


8 ohms

Moc (RMS)

100 W

Rekomendowana moc wzmacniacza (RMS)

30 - 100 W


przedni bass reflex. HiVe®II


3.2 kHz


1 x 165mm (5 1/2") C-CAM® basowy.
1 x 25mm (1") pozłacany C-CAM® wysokotonowy 


(H x W x D) 350 x 185 x 255 mm

Waga (indywidualnie)

5,84 Kg

Recenzje użytkownika

Średnia ocena użytkowników

SP Monitor Audio UK


November 2015

Bought BX2 about 10 days back and fixed it on stands. Matched with Marantz PM6005 (new). Audioquest speaker cables FLX SLiP 14/4. Biwiring. using both A/B terminals in amps.

Source is satellite reciever OSN (VH1) with Audioquest Golden Gate RCA interconnects .

The vocals ara amazing especially the female voice...extremely happy with the set up. Original decision was to buy Wharfedale Diamond 220. But the dealer could not import and suggested BX2. Very happy with the sound and my first Hifi system.

Bought and being used in Saudi Arabia.

Edgar dominguez g. Monitor Audio UK


October 2015

I am impressed with the naturalness of sound. The BX2 are an excellent option to choose .

KC Teh Monitor Audio UK


November 2014

Just purchased BX2 yesterday after so much reviews and surfing the net. It is now sits beside my Mission MX1 for music listening. I will say it's worth the penny! BX2 provides wide open soundstage, precise and more agility than my MX1. They are so detailed that u can hardly imagine with. To achieve the tonal balance, I put them close to the wall and the bass is exceptional excellent. I do not need to turn on the subwoofer now which I used to. It is amazing to achieve such a bass note at its size. It is so ease to listen to and u sure will tap along with your love musics. I used the MX1 with MXC2 and sub for movies, while BX2 for music experience. My amp is Pioneer VSX523. I highly recommend BX2 for music enthusiast as the sound is details and crisp with wide open soundstage by a relevant small cabinet. Bravo MA! Btw, I am from Johor, Malaysia

Mark Owen Monitor Audio UK


May 2014

Some will tell you, 'Don't hook them up to bright, detailed kit from Marantz!' Some will say, 'Don't use QED Silver Anniversary XT cable - it'll over-accentuate the top end!' I'll tell you I've done both, and that as a result, I've heard detail in music I thought I knew like I've never heard it before. These speakers should cost almost twice as much as they do for the sound they give you. Bass notes land with purpose, confidence. The mid-range gives you air and space and a real sense of everything that's going on. And the treble? It sings - female vocals especially benefiting from a staggering level of clarity that doesn't fatigue the ear. If you've tired of 'smooth', 'relaxed', 'laidback' (read, 'lazy') speaker presentation and want to bring music back to life without remortgaging your home to pay for the pleasure, here's where you spend your money.

Mark Tetlow Monitor Audio UK


April 2014

Picked up these speakers for my second system. Using them to play vinyl through and the sound is clear and defined. My main system has KEF Q500 andI think these are better for a clean crisp sound. Well pleased

Fabián Charpentier Monitor Audio UK


September 2013

I bought the BX2 to change my old speakers although the frequency range of my old speakers arrived at 33 hz vs the 42 of the BX2, the sound quality is amazing, tight sound, crisp and transparency abysmal ...And are so small! IMHO, I would say they are ideal for classical and acoustic music, but electronic music is not far behind, I present my five stars from the southern hemisphere.

mohammed babu Monitor Audio UK


June 2013

i like monitor audio speakers ...real value for the money i used br2 then upgraded gs2

Donizeti Silvio dos Santos Monitor Audio UK


June 2013

The best speakers that I've ever had.
I think that they are the most qualificated speaker in the price range.

Wen Haagen Monitor Audio UK


June 2013

The BX2's are impressive; I have bought them back in 2010 and they match perfect with my Yamaha AS700 amp and REL Zero sub. For the third time in a row (2010/2011/2012) speaker of the in "What Hifi?" magazine!! In every way an incredibly great speaker.

Jake Talbot Monitor Audio UK


May 2013

Very impressed with these speakers, bought them to replace my floor standing speakers, as moving to a house with a smaller living room.

The treble is most impressive, it's not at all fatiguing, and they make music an absolute pleasure to listen to, the soundstage is good, but given they are relatively small speakers you lose a bit of bass. However being front firing they work well almost anywhere in the room.

They look great, I've placed them on soundstyle Z2 stands, they fit well and look the part!

I particularly like the way Monitor Audio put a mini grille over the tweeters, I think that's a great idea, seen as they are delicate!

Magnetic grilles are always welcome on speakers, and they make the visual appearance look superb when grilles are removed.

All in all a very happy owner!

Stephen Asbury Monitor Audio UK


April 2013

Bought new BX2s to replace my B&W DM601s, which I have loved since 1997.

The BX2s are truly awesome, and I'm told they will improve further when run in. Great sounds from treble, through mid, to bass when reference CD 'Out of Time' by REM was played.

Thanks MA for producing such a great product at reasonable price. And the product registration website just 'works' too!

Elias Anag Monitor Audio UK


March 2013

Great choice for the money! Extremely rigid build, fantastic looks that bring the best from both vintage and modern worlds. Do not be mistaken that this is MA's cheapest line. They sound much more expensive.

francisco G Monitor Audio UK


February 2013

Incredible bookshelfs, sounds and looks so nice, manage the vocals like the ones that contain the song The highwayman of Loreena mckennit sounds impressively natural, the details of other soundtracks great, plenty of trebles and bass management is very nice althought is the bungs fitted which i find that gives to the bass more detail and less boom effect.

The materials of the loudspeaker is very solid, very rigid enclosure which is incredible for those type of speakers.

Great job done for the bronze series.

Sharad Chagan Monitor Audio UK


November 2012

A toss between Boston Accoustics & Monitor Audio and I selected the latter. The BX2s are truely impressive and probably the best performers through all genres in this price category.

stephen tree Monitor Audio UK


October 2012

got the bx2 they are very very good al round rock classical soft rock all sound great

Ray Ganderton Monitor Audio UK


September 2012

Bought 4 today from Ortons of Hitchin. One in each corner of an 8x4 M lounge. Driven by a Rega Brio/Apollo combo. Spectacular sound and beautifully engineered. Still to experiment with bungs, and positioning but so far, tremendous. Thank you MA.

David steele Monitor Audio UK


September 2012

I've had my bx2's for a month and am happy I made the right decision to buy them as they are beautiful in sound and build. Listening to 'sly and family stones' if yoiu want me to stay' my bx2's reproduced the bass and horns to a quality I would'nt have expected for speakers under 300 pounds. My only reservation is that on more complicated tracks they can lose a little detail in the midrange, I'm hoping to improve this with different speaker cable from the cambridge audio I'm using at present. I love these speakers,a big improvement on my bw 600i's.

Mark Tierney Monitor Audio UK


August 2012

I'm sitting in my lounge with Belle & Sebastian. At least it feels like I am. These speakers are giving me my own personal concert, I cannot put into words how accurate they are. Simply the best loudspeakers I've ever owned.

Lee Kitchener Monitor Audio UK


June 2012

The bass seems less prominent now, I presume the speakers have taken longer than I expected to be 'run in' (see review below). I think that they are outstanding and am re-discovering so many 70's & 80's vinyl LPs as well as enjoying newer CDs. Now there is NO WAY I would swap them for my old R652's.

Lee Kitchener Monitor Audio UK


March 2012

These were bought to replace some tired Monitor Audio R652's ( 25 years old, but unable to replace drive units). There were so many excellent reviews across the internet, and being so pleased with the sound of my R652's, I auditioned them at Sevenoaks (Exeter). They sounded very bassy in the shop, but as I was on such a tight budget, I bought them. At home with Arcam Delta 60 and Systemdek TT with Linn K9 cartridge, they sounded better. Certainly a brighter tweeter, but still far too much bass. Incredible for their size, but too much. I am using the old wooden R652 stands with spikes and have the bungs out. Personally I would prefer to have my R652's reconditioned!

Garry Etchells Monitor Audio UK


March 2012

Mmmmmm ..... These speakers are simply music to my ears. Incredible crisp and clear sound. Superb quality, and for the money they simply ooze the word..... BARGAIN. 10/10

John Penney Monitor Audio UK


March 2012

I have had few Hi-Fi systems but listened to many, I liked the bright sound of my old B&W Dm2s and Celestion Ditton 66s both running on a Aiwa 7500 receiver. Also owned a Aiwa NSX V70 mini system good in it’s day but not real Hi-Fi. Monitor Audio BX2 are brilliant for their price and size running on a Denon RCD M38 DAB receiver. Buy them! Brilliant for the outlay!

Michiel Dost Monitor Audio UK


February 2012

After reading lots of reviews and tests on the internet I decided to buy the bronze BX2 speakers. The smaller BX2's had to replace some larger speakers: Magnat Vector 3. (You know, marriage is making compromises :-)).

I am really blown away by the sound of the BX2 speakers. The sound is more crisp and has more depth then the vector 3. While listening to Johnny Cash his version of "Hurt", I felt as if he was really in the room, I was really touched by the song.

Also electronic/dance music was handled very well, with a good spectrum of all the high, mid and low tones. Bass is not as deep as the old larger speakers but the bass is more clear and separated from the sound which makes listening to the music interesting and it hits you with more emotion.

TV sound is handled fine, but because the speakers deliver the TV sound so accurately it is sometimes annoying that you can hear all the details during, for instance, talk shows. This is not a flaw of the speakers though, it only shows the natural sound qualities these speakers deliver.

As critical as ever I only find it a bit more difficult to get the same stereo effect as my old speakers, but I am sure that wil be solved after some experimenting with the location of the speakers.

Great job Monitor Audio, thanks.

Julian Little Monitor Audio UK


February 2012

Brilliant BX2's! I had BR2's a couple of years ago and loved them. Then for some reason (senior moment) changed them for the flavour of the day. Now I'm back with BX2's and I'm really glad. The sound from my Denon 1910 AV receiver / Marantz 6003 cd set up makes me want to keep on playing music.

David McDougall Monitor Audio UK


February 2012

I originally wrote in when I bought these speakers at the end of December last year. I have been listening to them daily since then and I am sure that they are more or less run in. Ok, to begin with they are excellent speakers. I have read elsewhere some people find them bright sounding, not to me they aren't. It will be to do with whatever amplification one is using and I am using Marantz. I still like what I hear only more so. Lovely bass (without using the bungs) and a treble that is detailed but not bright. Mid range is great too. I have made a good choice here and will live happily with them for a long time to come. Oh, and build quality is good too. Glad that I chose the Monitor Audio Bronze BX2.

Aleksandar M Monitor Audio UK


February 2012

It's been a year since i purchased this gem, hooked it up with Exposure 2010s2 and NAD CD using Chord wiring, matched such good synergy that I did not ever wish for any change in my system, still amazed with the capabilities of these speakers all that is left for me is to sit down and enjoy music ...

Hartley Anderson Monitor Audio UK


January 2012

I've had my BX2s for a month and a half now, finally decided I liked the bass with bungs in -- more accurate I believe -- and can't imagine being happier with the sound unless I were to spend significantly more money. Good job Monitor Audio.

David McDougall Monitor Audio UK


December 2011

I have only just got these speakers today and already I'm hooked. I know that a running in period is required but straight from the box they are good. I like what I hear. They are replacing a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 and what a difference, cleaner bass, more treble and just what I imagined. After I have run these in in a month or so I will give my verdict again. if they sound even better then .......well I can't wait.

Awan Apianto Monitor Audio UK


October 2011

I bought these speakers from online store in Indonesia, after I've read many positive reviews, and praises on the net, for me it's relatively expensive to buy these amazing speakers. It took long time for me to save money to buy these, but I never regret with my decision although I don't have any AV receiver I just replace my logitech z5500 front speakers (satellites) with these ones, but the result is astonishing. I'm amazed with the detail sound that is produced by these speakers. All songs that I've heard become more interesting after I've bought these. I still manage to buy monitor BX5. I hope someday I could buy BX5 too. Thanks Monitor Audio :)

Jason Glover Monitor Audio UK


September 2011

I purchased these speakers after trawling the Internet reading many reviews on many speakers. They are connected to a Denon m38 and are mounted on Nexus stands and the result is stunning !! Every aspect of the produced sound is clear and concise. I was after a set of speakers to give me the same listening pleasure as my Grado headphones and these easily achieve that and more. What a first class product.

Anggoro Pradipto Monitor Audio UK


September 2011

Sophisticated speakers with beautifully vocal reproduction

Paul Taylor Monitor Audio UK


August 2011

I first saw the review on what hi fi for the bx2. My hi fi supplier hi fi sound on stockton on tees borrowed me a pair to try. I am stunned into submission! I really do not think i have heard s speaker that can transmit the base with so much ease and accuracy. The test track for me is heart of lothian by marillion. It is the first time i have heard this track played through speakers with such poise. Suffice to say i have placed my order with Simon today. I am also bearing in mind these are pretty much brand new speakers and will probably improve further as they are allowed to break in.

Mike Stewart Monitor Audio UK


July 2011

The most amazing speakers I have ever bought and listened to, hands down impeccable quality build and sound. I look forward to movie night like an expectant kid awaits Christmas. Thank you Monitor Audio for taking the time to release such a beautiful product and not charging an arm and a leg for it.

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  • Dwudrożna konstrukcja z obrotowym tweeterem C-CAM (15 stopni przechyłu)
  • Wysoka skuteczność
  • Regulacja wysokich częstotliwości (+/- 3 dB)
  • Dopasowanie brzmieniowe z BR-CP, Radius-CP, Climate 10 Bronze BR i Radius
  • Innowacyjny system mocowania Tri-grip umożliwiający łatwą instalację głośnika i jego szczelne przyleganie do otworu w suficie, co wpływa na lepszy bas oraz czystość średnich częstotliwości
  • Łatwo montowane maskownice na magnesie
Silver 2

Sugerowana rozbudowa

Silver 2

  • Nowa kopułka wysokotonowa C-CAM z wytłumioną komorą z tylnej strony membrany, o niezwykłej czystości brzmienia i szerokim pasmem przenoszenia.
  • Nowy, 200 mm przetwornik niskotonowy z wklęsłą membraną z wgłębieniami przypominającymi powierzchnię piłki golfowej, poprawiającymi tłumienie drgań i tym samym poprawiające zakres średniotonowy
  • Profil stożka RST – wyższa sztywność i redukcja zniekształceń
  • Nowe polimerowe, odlewane chassis dla głośnika niskotonowego, o wyższej sztywności i wytrzymałości
  • Port HiVe II – kontrolowany, niskoszumny przepływ powietrza, przekładający się na szybki i głęboki bas
  • Mocowanie głośników za pomocą jednej śruby od tyłu obudowy, poprawiające sztywność obudowy