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Ramesh M V Monitor Audio UK

MASS 5.1

June 2015

A great product. Ultimate sound quality. The Sub W200 is the masterpiece. At half its capacity from the living, the effect is so good that it vibrates the doors of the study room and the entrance to the extent that my daughter wants me to reduce. Having said that... the sound quality is so perfect.

The 5 Monitor speakers are so cute and trendy. Adds value and power to the Living Room ambience.

For the price we paid, it is the best buy one could ever imagine. No other brand boasting of 'ultimate sound quality' is anywhere near Monitor, in my humble opinion.

"Must buy" for any one with an ear for Pro-Audio.

Glyn Raisey Monitor Audio UK

MASS Stands

June 2014

Simply blown away. I now have the job of listening to my music collection all over again. Everything sounds so detailed. Feed these speakers a blu ray movie and they really do come to life. The room I have these in is 16ft by 12ft and they fill the whole room with no effort at all.

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