• GOLD C-CAM Tweeter GOLD C-CAM Tweeter
  • C-CAM drivers C-CAM drivers
  • Odcisk stopy 215mm x 282mm
  • 2 1/2-way 2 1/2-way
  • Rozmiar przetwornika Twin 5 1/2in
  • Bolt through driver Bolt through driver





Pasmo przenoszenia (-6dB - IEC 268-13)

37Hz – 30kHz

Skuteczność 1W/1m

90 dB

Max SPL 1dBA/1m każda

113,8 dBA

Nominalna impedancja

Moc muzyczna


Rekomendowana moc wzmacniacza



Podwójny bas-refleks, port z przodu i z tyłu, HiVe®II Port technology

Zestaw przetworników

1 x 51/2” C-CAM® przetw, średniotonowy,
1 x 51/2” C-CAM® przetw,niskotonowy,
1 x 25mm kopułka wysokotonowa C-CAM

Punkt podziału zwrotnicy

LF: -6dB @ 600Hz
MF/HF: 2.8kHz

Wymiary obudowy (WxSxG)

850 x 165 x 248mm

Całkowite wymiary z maskownicami, nóżkami, terminalami, cokołami )WxSxG)

898 x 215 x 282mm

Waga (sztuki)

11kg (24lbs 6oz)

Recenzje użytkownika

Frans Monitor Audio UK

Bronze 5

February 2016

Good value for money at this price-point. They shine at higher volumes and has slightly better bass/midrange clarity/definition than the (more expensive) B&W 684s. These are good entry-level stereo speakers that seems to go well with most entry-level amplifiers.

Andy Scholefield Monitor Audio UK

Bronze 5

February 2016

Fantastic, rich, room filling sound, produces amazing clarity across all music genres, I've had more expensive bigger brand speakers that haven't come anywhere near delivering the sound quality that these can, truly wonderful in all areas.

Used with TEAC reference 500

Ian Halstead Monitor Audio UK

Bronze 5

February 2016

The Bronze 5 had a tough act to follow – a pair of Epos ES14 stand-mounted speakers, renowned for their open and dynamic delivery. Well, things have evidently moved on in the last 25 years, and far more so than I had suspected.

The Bronze 5 delivers a much higher quality at the top end, with the slight sizzle of the Epos completely gone, and replaced with a smooth and revealing quality that brings believability to cymbals and percussion. I swear I can now tell if a cymbal is hit with an all wooden stick or a nylon tipped one.

The midrange is also more revealing, extracting unheard detail from complex material. The bass end is taught and articulate, with plenty of slam and extension, once positioning in the room is experimented with.

The sound stage has expanded as the drive units have been worn in, giving excellent imagery. As a partner to a Linn LP12, Naim 42.5/110 and Arcam Alpha 7SE CD player, they've slotted in seamlessly. With a not dissimilar voicing to the old Epos speakers, but with oodles more detail, I couldn't be more pleased with how they sound.

Epos, may I introduce you to Ebay?

Dave Monitor Audio UK

Bronze 5

November 2015

Amazing speakers for the money, wide and detailed soundstage from well built attractive compact towers. Truly stunning with my Marantz PM6005/CD6005 combo.

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