• Surround Surround
  • Standy dedykowane Standy dedykowane
  • Bookshelf Bookshelf
  • Głośniki naścienne Głośniki naścienne
  • GOLD C-CAM Tweeter GOLD C-CAM Tweeter
  • C-CAM drivers C-CAM drivers
  • Dedicated bracket Dedicated bracket
  • Rozmiar przetwornika 5 1/2in
  • 2-way 2-way
  • Odcisk stopy 140mm x 140mm


A10 technologia
  • 5 1/2" przetwornik C-CAM wykorzystujący sztywną membranę RST®
  • 1" złota kopułka C-CAM
  • HiVe® II – specjalnie opracowany port bas-refleksu optymalizowany pod kątem szybkiego przepływu powietrza – łatwiejszy przepływ powietrza daje efekt w postaci lepszej odpowiedzi impulsowej oraz bardziej zwartego basu
  • Dedykowane, fabrycznie okablowane podstawki
  • Możliwość instalacji na ścianie, suficie, albo w blacie stołu z użyciem dedykowanego, solidnego uchwytu
  • Mocowane magnetycznie maskownice; brak widocznych mocowań poprawia estetykę głośnika
  • Sztywna, odlewana obudowa
  • Dostępne wykończenia: metallic czarny wysoki połysk, lub metallic perłowy biały wysoki połysk




Pasmo przenoszenia +/- 3 dB

60 Hz - 35 KHz

Czułość (1W@1M)

87 dB


1 x 120 mm C-CAM® średnio/niskotonowy z RST®
1 x 25mm C-CAM® pozłacana kopułka wysokotonowa


8 ohms

Maksymalne SPL

110.8 dBA

Rekomendowana moc wzmacniacza (RMS)

25 - 100 W

Wylot basowy

Frontowy bass reflex. HiVE®II

Moc (RMS)

100 W

Pasmo zwrotnicy

3.0 kHz

Wymiary (H x W x D)

250 x 140 x 140 mm


3.95 kg

Recenzje użytkownika

Ricky D Monitor Audio UK


October 2015

The Apex system is at the time of writing around 5 years of age. I owned this system between 2011-2013 and was immensely impressed by it. The system managed to achieve a level of balance in performance of music and movies that I had not experienced in the same way with any system before. And after 20 years of different speakers and brands that's saying a lot. To my ears and in my room they outmatched a system costing double the investment.

After being bitten by the "upgrade-bug" I sold my Apex system and bought a bigger badder set of speakers. But after a remodeling they did not work any longer. So... I did what I've never done before - bought the same speaker system AGAIN! And this time the Apex are coupled to a high-end NAD Master Series set of electronics and shine in a way that set a new standard for a speaker system of this caliber. They are amazing!

I suspect we'll soon see Apex MKII emerge from Monitor Audio, and as much as I'd enjoy hearing that one these originals are STILL phenomenal performers in every conceivable way!

(5.2 system: 4 x A10, 1 x A40, 2 x AW12)

Geoff Headley Monitor Audio UK


May 2014

I have an Apex front end, Radius HD rears and a Rel T5 sub. Let me tell you this, whatever I throw at this system it never ceases to amaze me! What I like about these A10s is the insight, speed and scale of the sound you get from them. Furthermore I recently upgraded the speaker cables to atlas hyper.3 and the bass from the A10 is hard to believe! So much that I now use the easy option to listen without the sub except for movies of course. Overall I know that I'll have many years of great listening pleasure with these little beauties.

Sten Borgstrom Monitor Audio UK


October 2012

Bought the Apex A10 as sole stereo speakers to be used with my NAD amplifier. I am amazed! Such depth, clarity and punch. Part 1 from the Keith Jarret Koln concert just reached a new dimension. My friend who has Gold series speakers agrees, unbelievable for such small speakers.

Michael Smith Monitor Audio UK


November 2011

My first but not last purchase of Monitor Audio speakers, these speakers really bring out the best with both music and film. The build quality and style are second to none.

Richard Magnus Monitor Audio UK


June 2011

I love my Apex 5.0, use an MJ sub.I listen mainly to multichannel music and I would describe the A10's as audiophile mini monitors. Sublime. They do need to be used with a sub as is to be expected. Seamless and detailed. The build quality is outstanding. You have to hear them to believe them!

H-M Magnusson Monitor Audio UK


June 2011

Equally beautiful to look at as it is to listen to.

Michael Macneal Monitor Audio UK


May 2011

Went looking for a nice system to replace my B&W floorstanding home cinema set. Though sounding great in every aspect I got pretty tired of them hogging all that space in my livingroom. Auditioned a few compact systems, and some were quite impressive though not in the same ballpark as when I heard the complete Apex 5.1 system. The retailer only had the Radius 370HD subwoofer to demo with, but when I purchased my system I naturally got the Apex AW12. These satellites together with the subwoofer are really great. I wouldn't play them without it though. Not that the A10 sound thin, but I love bass! Listen to rock, pop and rNb and so far they've done em all justice! Film is even better though! Engrossing soundfeild from such small enclosures... I didn't even know that was possible. They are right up there with my former B&W. Well done.

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